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Pressure Cleaning Services for Your Drains in Southern Ontario

Quick & Effective Drain Cleaning

Using a high-pressure root cutting attachment Mike The Plumber utilizes the extra power of pressurized water to quickly and effectively clean out roots and clogged drains. Because pressure cleaning also scrubs out your drains, they should run freely and for a longer period of time.

Contact Mike The Plumber for your next drain cleaning using water pressure, with the benefits of:

Safe for residential and commercial drain cleaning
Safe for your PVC, clay and metal drain pipes
Breaks up clogs by cleaning the entire inside diameter of your pipe
Scrubs dirty drains and flushes out the residue

Follow up the high-pressure drain cleaning with video inspection and see the difference. We can show you the before and after of the drain cleaning. This way you can see what you are paying for. We can also make you a digital recording of the video inspection.

Open Clogged Sewer Lines With Hydro Flushing

Any business, restaurant or even your home can develop blocked sewer lines that require costly repairs and cleanup. That’s why Mike The Plumber offers the effective technology of hydro flushing to clear your sewer lines before the troubles start.

Hydro flushing – also known as line jetting – blasts small volumes of water at super speeds to clean out grease, sludge and deposits without damaging your pipes. Call Mike The Plumber for a maintenance hydro flushing in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Woodstock and Brantford.

If you’re in the middle of an emergency sewer backup, call Mike The Plumber for any hydro flushing emergency.

pipes placed into the drain

Emergency Service

We offer emergency services.



Professional and Punctual

“I have hired staff from Mike The Plumber 5 times now. They are professional, punctual, their diagnostics and work are efficient and resolved my issues. I feel comfortable having their staff of plumbers (Tom, Wayne, James) working in my home. Their office administrator (Sharon) is friendly and quick to fit me in if I have an emergency.I have nothing negative to report. Every experience has been right on track.”

- Vicky L.

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