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Certified Backflow Specialists Serving Kitchener & Surrounding Areas

The Dangers of Backflow

Water distribution systems are designed to deliver water from the distributor site to the consumer. If a system does not have the proper safeguards and controls in place, water can flow in the opposite direction and compromise the public water supply. This is known as backflow and it can be very dangerous if allowed to proceed unchecked.

Protect Your Water Supply

Mike The Plumber is experienced with backflow prevention and the dangers of cross-connections. We have the training and the means to protect your potable water supply from contamination. The only way to know for sure you are protected is by performing an inspection of your water distribution system. Mike The Plumber provides surveys of your potable water system, installation of backflow devices and annual tests of your backflow device. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an onsite consultation at your home or business.



Professional and Punctual

“I have hired staff from Mike The Plumber 5 times now. They are professional, punctual, their diagnostics and work are efficient and resolved my issues. I feel comfortable having their staff of plumbers (Tom, Wayne, James) working in my home. Their office administrator (Sharon) is friendly and quick to fit me in if I have an emergency.I have nothing negative to report. Every experience has been right on track.”

- Vicky L.

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